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Fries variation: Different ways to eat your fries

Posted on 17/06/2015

As a leading fries manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the potato industry, Aviko offers an extended range of fries. We offer different frozen potato products to suit every market. But we do more; we also offer you inspiration on how to eat your fries! We hope to provide you with some delicious menu ideas for fries. We challenge you to always surprise your customers!

Try different kinds of fries from Aviko

The most known common fries in the world are French fries. Of course, we have them in our assortment. But we offer so much more! For example our premium fries, such as the Superlong and SuperCrunch.

Try out our Supercrunch fries, they are the crispiest fries ever made! These fries have a fabulous crunch and a brilliant appearance. This crispiness comes from a special coating that gives the lightly salted SuperCrunch a longer holding time. Try one of these variations and make your customers happy. 

Be creative when it comes to the recipes

Recipes with fries are a firm favorite on every menu. With fries a lot of variation is possible. Traditionally, fries are often served with meat and vegetables. But fries can be served in a lot of different ways. Take for example sharing plates. Sharing platters are becoming extremely popular. Mix and match food and snacks, including fries, and put them on a table for everyone to share. Find a catching way to present your sharing platter: use plant pots, trowels, chunky chopping boards and mini frying baskets. Or create a fushion style mix plate: combine elements of different culinary traditions on one plate. Your customers will be surprised by the different flavors.

Our passion for potatoes means we're constantly developing potato menu ideas with our customers in mind.  Whether you work in healthcare, in a hotel, in a restaurant or you run a fast food restaurant: we offer you potato recipes for every market.

Try fries for breakfast or lunch

Not only can you eat potato products for dinner, you can also serve them for breakfast and lunch, or as a snack. Take our Wedges range for example. Either you choose for the Mega Wedges or the Spicy Jacket Wedges, it is always a perfect addition to every dish.

Interested in Aviko fries for your business?

Do you run a business and are you interested in potato products from Aviko for your business? Contact us for more information. We're happy to help in any way we can.