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From potato to fries: the production process of fries

Posted on 09/09/2015

Every year, Aviko processes over 1.7 million tons of potatoes in her factories into high-quality potato products. Our products are delivered exported to over more than 100 countries. We have more than 12 production locations in Europe and China. Ten million customers eat Aviko products daily. Within our factories, we strive to achieve a safe working environment, optimum quality, the lowest possible costs and growth. A lot has to be done before a potato leaves our factory as fries. We provide you with a short overview of the production process of our fries:

  1. Delivery, inspection and sorting of the potatoes

In order to ensure the best possible quality of the final products, potatoes used in the production of our fries come from selected and tested growers. When the potatoes arrive in our factories the potatoes are examined on quality.  Also, the potatoes are sorted on size. Then the actual processing part begins.

2.     Preliminary washing and steam peeling of the potatoes

Following a careful selection, the potatoes are washed, bathed in brine, and put for 5 - 25 seconds in a steam peeler. In the steam peeling process, the potatoes are put in a steam vessel and the pressure is rapidly dropped, exploding the peels off the potatoes. This only takes a few seconds.

3.     Hydro cutting

After washing and peeling, the potatoes are cut. A special system of knives makes it possible to cut the potatoes in the desired shape and size. The potatoes are cut with water knives, which guarantees regular shape of the fries with minimal starch losses.

4.     Sorting

In this stage, potatoes are sorted on length. The fries who do not meet the quality standards are removed.  Next, the fries are checked for imperfections; fries with external spots are also removed.  Thanks to our complex system of cameras and advanced technology, there is no more than 1% of good quality product in waste.

5.     Blanching and drying

After sorting, it is time to blanch and dry the fries. Blanching involves the briefly cooking of the potatoes. The water temperature never reaches 100 C during blanching. Before going into the oven, the blanched fries to into the drying room.

6.     Pre-frying

The pre-frying stage determines the crispness and colour of the fries. Our fries are pre-fried in vegetable oils exclusively. The temperate and the frying time are constantly monitored, to guarantee optimum quality.

7.      Chilling and freezingof the fries

Following the pre-frying, the fries are chilled in the freezing tunnel. This stage precedes deep-freezing of the fries. To prevent the damage to the internal fries structure, the process of deep freezing lasts for about 12 minutes. Our deep-frozen fries are frozen to a temperature of -40°C.0

8.     Packaging of the fries and delivery to our customers

Then the fries are ready to be delivered to our customers all over the world. This can be stores, hotels, restaurant, cafeterias', fastfood restaurants and so on. From there, they end up on the plates of people. In order to ensure the highest quality from the first to the last stage of the production process, our products are distributed in special refrigerator trucks where the temperature is kept at -18 C.

Don't forget to watch our video: From potatoes to fries.

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