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Q & A: Aviko & quality: The secret behind the quality of our potato products.

Posted on 22/04/2015

Aviko guarantees you the highest quality potato product. We have a passion for potatoes. We always strive for excellence. Aviko has over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the potato industry, and our knowledge about the potato keeps on increasing. Therefore we guarantee you, as a professional chef, the highest quality of potato products to serve your guests. In this blog, we like to answer all your Frequently Asked Questions, the F.A.Qs, about the quality of our potato products.

Q: How does Aviko guarantee the use of the best potatoes?
A: We are on top of things: Quality doesn't begin when the potatoes arrive, we make sure we use the best potatoes available. Growing the potato is the first step in our production process. The better the raw material, the better the end product. We only use the bestpotatoes, that have grown in the best suitable type of soil. Aviko is a company of and for farmers, it was founded by a small number of farmers.

Q: How does Aviko test the quality of the potatoes they process?
A: During the growing season, samples are taken from the land to gain an early indication of the quality and the 'coarseness' of the coming harvest. This quality analysis is continued during the harvest and the storage season, in order to continuously monitor the quality of the raw material.

We actively invest in the guidance of our farmers, which includes organising seminars with current topics related to the cultivation, storage and quality. Our Agronomy department is occupied with the testing of new potato varieties and adapted techniques.

Q: How does Aviko guarantee the quality during the production process?
A: The entire production process of Aviko meets the highest demands: from product development and procurement to production, logistic and quality assurance. As the potatoes arrive at our factories, they are examined on quality. Potatoes who do not meet the quality standards are removed from the production process. In each stage in the production process, the potatoes undergo a quality check: in the sorting stage, in the blanching and drying stage, and after pre-frying. Each step in the production process is critically followed and, where necessary, improved. The origin of the raw materials and consumables that we use for the potato products are fully traceable. Food safety is vital during the growth, storage and transport of all potatoes processed by Aviko.

Q: What certifications does Aviko have?
A: We possess a high-quality system and associated certificates. As a result, you can be confident that our potato products meet all expectations and loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

ISO 14001

Aviko operates according to the standards of effective environmental management. Therefore, we have the ISO 14001 certificate in several factories. This means that we control all the factors which, directly or indirectly, have an impact on the environment, such as energy, water, odours, noise and waste.


Aviko meets the additional stringent requirements in terms of quality and food safety of the collaborating European retail organisations in Great Britain, Germany and France. Aviko therefore has the IFS certificate (International Food Standard). Aviko factories that deliver to British retailers also have a BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium)

So, what is our secret?
Passion. Driven by our passion for potatoes, we work hard each day to discover and develop ground-breaking innovations in potato products. Our aim, for more than 50 years now, is to create value from potatoes so that you can serve your customers the best and tastiest potato products.

We always inspire to do more, so we like to stay in close contact with you, and inspire you with our potato products and recipes. Do you have more questions regarding the quality of our potatoes? Then don't hesitate to contact us.