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Useful tips for fast food restaurant holders to serve your fries

Posted on 23/09/2015

The way you present your fries is just as important as the way they are prepared. Therefore we offer you some tips, to serve fries in the best ways. In a fast food surrounding, the presentation of fries can be quite different than for example the presentation in a hotel or restaurant. That is why we offer you some tips to present your fries.

Presentation of the fries in fast food

In a fast food restaurant, fries are usually presented in a paper of plastic container. Convenience has become part of the daily live of customers. Paper or plastic containers are easy for the customer to take out. Want to do something else? Try it the English way, and wrap it in a layer of greaseproof paper, and then a layer of newspaper, like the traditional 'fish and chips'. Or try the traditional Dutch cone, which your customers can also easily take out.

What is the best accompaniment to serve with the French fries?

There are a lot of options to choose from, when it comes to accompaniments to serve with your fries. Traditionally, ketchup is served a lot with fries. In the Netherlands, mayonnaise is the most common. Want to go for a little variation? You can also think of: garlic sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, hummus, even gravy is possible!

Recipes for fast food

As the owner or chef of a fast food restaurant, Aviko likes to inspire you with new recipes. We have plenty of food recipes to offer menu variety. Our passion for potatoes means we're constantly developing potato menu ideas with our customers in mind. Take a look at our recipes for fast food.

Aviko fries for fast food

Aviko has over 50 years of experience in the potato industry. As one of the leading frozen potato suppliers, we have an extensive range of potato products to suit every market. We offer the professional fast food chef more convenience without compromising on taste and quality. Interested in one of our potato products for your fast food business? Please do not hesitate to contact us.