Streetfood: Appetizers with 3 dips

  • appetizers met 3 diprecepten

Streetfood: Appetizers with 3 dips


Garlic yoghurt preparation
Mix the onion, garlic, cucumber, yoghurt and mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper. Serve the dip in a bowl and garnish with paprika powder.

Pineapple tomato preparation
Mix the pineapple, ketchup, soy sauce and red pepper and season to taste with freshly ground pepper.

Blue cheese preparation
Mix the blue cheese, crème fraiche, mayonnaise and roasted pumpkin seeds and season the dip with freshly ground pepper.

Serving tip:
Serve one or more of these dips with, for instance, Aviko Jalapeño
Snacks, Mozzarella Fingers, Onion Ring or Chilli Cheddar Cheese Nuggets.